News » July 10, 2018

Sherbrooke Company SE2 Raises $915 000 in First Round of Funding

PRESS RELEASE — Sherbrooke company SE2 has concluded the first round of funding at $915K, thanks to the …

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News » June 10, 2018

$1.1M Collaborative R&D Project for Immune Biosolutions

The Nebula antibody development platform, created by Sherbrooke biotech company Immune Biosolutions, …

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News » May 25, 2018

Classcraft Supported by Ottawa and Québec in its Penetration of New Markets

Shawn Young (Classcraft) and Marie-Claude Bibeau (deputy, Compton–Stanstead)  Classcraft Studios will …

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News » May 2, 2018

$19.9M in Financing for SoundBite

SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS) has concluded a $19.9M series A round of investment, in which …

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News » April 19, 2018

Autism: $200 000 to Technologies HOP-Child for new approaches to intervention

The Sherbrooke company Technologies HOP-Child has obtained financial assistance of $200 000 from the …

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News » December 10, 2017

IMEKA will be able to invest $ 1 million to market its services in the United States

PRESS RELEASE - Sherbrooke-based IMEKA, a provider of medical image processing services, is launching …

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News » September 10, 2017

Growth and $3.5M in Financing for Classcraft

Dynamic Sherbrooke company, Classcraft, has received venture capital financing amounting to $3.5M. This …

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News » July 28, 2017

E2Metrix Awarded $6 M to Launch its Innovative Technology

PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke company E2Metrix, which develops and markets wastewater treatment systems, …

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News » June 19, 2017

Sherbrooke Innopole Provides Financial Support for the International Development of Nine Sherbrooke Businesses

PRESS RELEASE - Sherbrooke Innopole recently created the Sherbrooke International Program, available …

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