News » July 10, 2018

Sherbrooke Company SE2 Raises $915 000 in First Round of Funding

PRESS RELEASE — Sherbrooke company SE2 has concluded the first round of funding at $915K, thanks to the …

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News » June 10, 2018

$1.1M Collaborative R&D Project for Immune Biosolutions

The Nebula antibody development platform, created by Sherbrooke biotech company Immune Biosolutions, …

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News » May 25, 2018

Classcraft Supported by Ottawa and Québec in its Penetration of New Markets

Shawn Young (Classcraft) and Marie-Claude Bibeau (deputy, Compton–Stanstead)  Classcraft Studios will …

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News » May 2, 2018

$19.9M in Financing for SoundBite

SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS) has concluded a $19.9M series A round of investment, in which …

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News » April 19, 2018

Autism: $200 000 to Technologies HOP-Child for new approaches to intervention

The Sherbrooke company Technologies HOP-Child has obtained financial assistance of $200 000 from the …

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News » December 10, 2017

IMEKA will be able to invest $ 1 million to market its services in the United States

PRESS RELEASE - Sherbrooke-based IMEKA, a provider of medical image processing services, is launching …

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News » September 10, 2017

Growth and $3.5M in Financing for Classcraft

Dynamic Sherbrooke company, Classcraft, has received venture capital financing amounting to $3.5M. This …

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News » July 28, 2017

E2Metrix Awarded $6 M to Launch its Innovative Technology

PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke company E2Metrix, which develops and markets wastewater treatment systems, …

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News » June 19, 2017

Sherbrooke Innopole Provides Financial Support for the International Development of Nine Sherbrooke Businesses

PRESS RELEASE - Sherbrooke Innopole recently created the Sherbrooke International Program, available …

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Sherbrooke Innopole’s mandate ends on March 31, 2024. We invite you to contact Entreprendre Sherbrooke or the Service du développement économique of the Ville de Sherbrooke for further services.
Thank you to all Sherbrooke industrial and technological businesses, as well as to all our partners for the trust granted since 2009!