Blog » March 17, 2021

Josée Larochelle appointed at the Board of Sherbrooke Innopole

Sherbrooke Innopole is proud to announce the appointment of Mrs. Josée Larochelle, CPA, CA, taxation …

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Blog » January 27, 2021

Reach your full entrepreneurship potential, with a mentor

Did you know? 70% of mentored small business owners make it past the critical five-year mark, which is …

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Blog » October 22, 2020

International Networking to Transform Innovation into Opportunity

The importance of innovation is well established and accepted in our society. The term innovation is …

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Blog » October 8, 2020

Bringing technology to market: Challenges and opportunities

The current pandemic has brought its share of disruption, even panic in our society. However, if we take …

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Blog » June 25, 2020

Economic Perspectives: Prepare and Protect

The current economic crisis will go down in history as one of the fastest hitting of the last 150 years.

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Blog » June 11, 2020

Innovative Business Models for a Strong Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis, like any other major, uncontrollable event—recessions, natural disasters, etc.—is …

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Blog » May 28, 2020

Recovery: Protect Against Bad Debt

The COVID-19 crisis is leading us into unknown territory: No past economic crisis has ever struck supply …

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Blog » May 14, 2020

Adapting your Sales Strategy During the Pandemic

As operations are gradually resuming in various sectors of our economy, our businesses must perform quite …

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Blog » April 30, 2020

Business Resumption? Yes, but Worker Safety First!

The gradual resumption of operations has begun and with the reopening of the manufacturing sector scheduled …

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