Sherbrooke, a Knowledge Hub

Sherbrooke is a major student city in Québec:

  • 2 universities, 4 colleges, and many specialized educational institutions
  • Range of specializations in high demand on the labour market
  • Full curriculum in French and English, from elementary school to university
  • Free public education system at the elementary, high school, and college level
  • Among the lowest university tuition fees in North America

Sherbrooke – Best City to Study in Canada 🏆

(, 2021)

University level

Université de Sherbrooke

  • French-language public institution
  • 8 faculties, with undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs
  • More than 100 research units
  • Co-operative program
  • Accelerator for the development of technological businesses
  • Desjardins Entrepreneurial accelerator
  • Continuing education university centre
  • Creative studio
  • Scaling Centre

Bishop’s University

  • English-language public institution
  • 3 faculties and schools, with undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Co-operative program
  • Continuing education

College level

Cégep de Sherbrooke

  • French-language public institution
  • Largest cegep of the province outside Montréal and Québec City
  • Technical and pre-university programs
  • Study abroad programs
  • Work internships, in various forms: end-of-study internships, co-op programs, work-study coexistence
  • DEC-BAC and DEP-DEC programs and bridge
  • Productique Québec, college centre for technology transfer (CCTT)
  • Continuing education centre

Séminaire de Sherbrooke

  • French-language private college
  • Technical and pre-university programs
  • Work internships
  • Continuing education

Champlain College

  • English-language public institution
  • Technical and pre-university programs
  • Co-op programs and end-of-study internships
  • Continuing education and business services

CDE Collège

  • Licensed private institution
  • Recognized as a Microsoft training centre with the IT Academy Program
  • Programs in the information technologies and administration fields leading to attestations of collegial studies (ACS)
  • Academic training coupled with internships

Vocational level

Centre de formation professionnelle 24-Juin

  • Vocational training programs
  • DEP-DEC bridge
  • Possibility to simultaneously pursue a vocational training program and complete general high school education
  • Distance education
  • Accès Compétences CSRS, continuing education business services

Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre

  • Vocational training programs in French and English
  • Continuing education

Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec

  • Certified private institution
  • Programs in the accounting, secretarial, and computer support fields leading to diplomas of vocational studies (DVS)
  • Online training

J’adopte l’Estrie

J'adopte l'Estrie





The Estrie, a New Home project (J’adopte l’Estrie) was launched by Sherbrooke Innopole in 2017 and aims to facilitate the retention of students in the region.

“Estrie, a New Home” features various activities to highlight the region’s labour market— and helps students enter the workforce!