Sherbrooke Innopole – An Innovative Community Hub

Sherbrooke Innopole is the para-municipal corporation dedicated to the economic development of the City of Sherbrooke. We offer services such as financing, coaching, advice, mentoring and relocation help to businesses from the industrial and high-valueadded services sectors located on the Sherbrooke City territory.

Our role: stimulate a coherent and dynamic economic development, favour the implementation of innovating businesses in Sherbrooke and offer a technical and financial support to businesses at different stages in their growth.

This we achieve by relying on the multidisciplinary expertise of our team, on five key sectors focused on the future – Life Sciences, Cleantech, Micro-Nanotechnologies, Information and Communication Technologies and Advanced Manufacturing –, centered upon a University Pole with an international reputation and a business environment that is a catalyst for growth.


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Choosing Sherbrooke – The Key to the Future

Choosing Sherbrooke is opting for a privileged environment where to undertake, innovate and invest.  Sherbrooke is a city on a human scale, offering an unequaled lifestyle, blessed with great economic vitality and a remarkable dynamism in terms of innovation and research.  It’s an indispensable business hub where the knowledge economy and the manufacturing sector are developing in harmony:

  • Proximity and easy access to major Canadian and American markets
  • Operating costs lower than in many North-American and European cities
  • Favourable fiscal system
  • Numerous financing programs for businesses
  • Abundant and specialized workforce
  • Sizeable University Pole
  • Advanced research infrastructures
  • Diversified pool of visionary organizations
  • Strongly committed collaborative environment