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Infinite possibilities for the infinitely small

Sherbrooke is an integral part of the micro-nanotechnologies regional cluster for leading edge electronics promoted through the ACCORD (regional development) program.  Sherbrooke thus profits from major assets to innovate and conduct business in micro-nanotechnologies.

Sherbrooke businesses have access to leading edge university research in this area as evidenced by the success of the spin-off business Tekna Plasma Systems, a global leader in induction plasma technology.  Thanks to the collaboration agreement with the Québec micro-nanotechnologies industry consortium, CISEQ, endorsed by Sherbrooke Innopole, organizations from the leading edge electronics sector benefit from structuring support and coaching.

Sherbrooke researchers in micro-nanotechnologies benefit from modern and high-performing infrastructures, thanks to the Université de Sherbrooke and the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT).

Businesses and researchers from the micro-nanotechnologies sector also find financing solutions in Sherbrooke for their projects, advantageous incentives in terms of R&D, and a highly qualified workforce.

Université de Sherbrooke is a member of NanoQuébec, a network fostering innovation in nanotechnology. These two organizations are at the heart of the creation of UMI-LN2, the first international bilateral mixed unit of nanotechnology and nanosystems associated with five universities in France.