Productive partnerships

Sherbrooke Innopole collaborates with many partners at both local and international levels to generate significant economic spinoffs within the community.

Through partnerships with Europe and Asia, Sherbrooke Innopole paves the way for Sherbrooke businesses wanting to explore new markets and helps foreign companies set up business within the area.

* Members of the Twins’ International MultiHelix (TIM), an international collaboration in the Life Sciences sector among organizations and science/technology parks to facilitate strategic partnerships involving businesses, research organizations, and universities to foster the economic performance of the region’s members in a climate of trust.

Regional partners

ACET - En partenariat avec Banque Nationale

An accelerator for technological businesses with high potential of success and positive impact on society

Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)

A business network for Québec's tech SMEs

Centre de transfert d'entreprise du Québec (CTEQ)

Information, training, staging, and succession planning services

A resource affiliated with Bishop’s University for promoting and supporting entrepreneurship

Centre d’excellence en gestion de l’entreprise manufacturière innovante (CEGEMI)

A living lab where companies, experts and researchers meet to develop and test innovative management practices

Centre québécois de recherche et de développement de l’aluminium (CQRDA)

A gateway to facilitate and finance collaborative R&D projects in the aluminum sector

CQI - Carrefour Québec International

Support and counselling for international export development and positioning

Entreprendre Sherbrooke

Paramunicipal economic development organization for retail and services, social economy and agriculture sectors in Sherbrooke

Espace-inc 2023

An accelerator for entrepreneurs whose ambition is to build business models with growth potential

Pôle régional en enseignement supérieur de l'Estrie (PRESE)

A strategic alliance of higher education institutions in Sherbrooke


Organization dedicated to the development of diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship

The ACET’s competitive market intelligence service

2nd-line partner providing consulting services to innovative SMEs

Préférence Estrie

Reception and integration services for new highly qualified employees referred by its partners

Productique Québec

A transfer centre specializing in digital technologies for the manufacturing sector

Réseau Mentorat

Community dedicated to developing the full potential of entrepreneurs through mentorship

Synergie Estrie

Regional project offering free support to businesses and local economic actors to accelerate the deployment of circular economy

A partner for commercializing inventions generated at the Université de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke Innopole’s mandate ends on March 31, 2024. We invite you to contact Entreprendre Sherbrooke or the Service du développement économique of the Ville de Sherbrooke for further services.
Thank you to all Sherbrooke industrial and technological businesses, as well as to all our partners for the trust granted since 2009!