Espace LABz

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art lab for your expansion?

There’s a perfect place for you in Sherbrooke!

Espace LABz is a 20 000 sq. ft. multi-tenant centre with private labs, a fully equipped shared lab, furnished offices, conference rooms, a biosafety officer onsite, and the option to temporarily rent a lab bench.

There are still a few spaces available! Phase 2 in the planning stage

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Targeted businesses

  • Businesses operating in the life sciences or cleantech sector.
  • Your company is past the start-up stage and is ready to transfer its activities to one or several labs for the pre-marketing or marketing of your products or services.


  • You run a foreign company and want to set up operations in North America.

An exceptional setting

  • Benefit from the distinctive synergy and proximity of the Sherbrooke Science Park, which is home to researchers, specialized businesses, qualified labour, cutting-edge equipment, and laboratory services.
  • Take advantage of modern lab and office spaces with ample natural light.
  • Discover a city bustling with innovation and a dynamic and engaged community.

Espace LABz - Multilocatif scientifique à Sherbrooke

Labs and equipment

→ Espace LABz offers private labs from 291 to 355 sq. ft. (27 to 33 sq. m.) with adjoining doors to provide several connecting spaces.

→ Espace LABz provides a shared lab with a cell culture room in a level 2 containment room (CL2), as well as the following equipment:

  • Autoclave, dishwasher, and a drying chamber (2) for glassware
  • Reverse osmosis water purification system
  • Chemical fume hood (5 feet)
  • Biosafety cabinet (3 feet)
  • CO2 incubators
  • Storage
  • Bain marie (2), scales (3), heat blocks (3), stirring hot plate (3), vortex mixers (4)
  • Avanti Beckman centrifuge (1-litre rotor), centrifuge ultra (15 ml/50 ml)
  • Microscope (2)
  • Pipette set
  • Refrigerator (4oC), freezer -850C (3) and ice machines (2)
  • Tank storage location (e.g. CO2, nitrogen, etc.)
  • Glassware (bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, graduated cylinders)
  • Lab benches
  • Combined emergency eyewash and safety showers (2)
  • Secure and ventilated cabinet for chemicals (as well as outdoor storage)

The culture room is equipped with:

  • Biosafety cabinet (6 feet)
  • Bain marie, centrifuges (2) for Eppendorf 15- to 50-ml tubes, CO2 incubators (2), microscopes (2)
  • Lab coats

→ Espace LABz offers private offices from 98 to 352 sq. ft. (9 to 33 sq. m.) equipped with:

  • One removable table and one filing cabinet
  • One office chair and two guest chairs
  • One white board

→ Espace LABz also provides for:

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Autoclave service
  • Goods reception and landing dock
  • Conference rooms (2)
  • Dining and rest/lounge areas, outdoors lunch area, showers
  • Elevator/freight elevator
  • Parking
  • Secure access and video surveillance
  • Biosafety officer onsite

Innovative and engaged businesses

Espace LABz welcomes ingenious businesses seeking to transform lives.



BioMimir specializes in designing innovative regenerative solutions – synthetic, biomimetic polymers – engineered for tissue repair

Immune Biosolutions

Immune Biosolutions

Immune Biosolutions is a clinical-stage biotech company specialized in avian and human antibodies.

BioAlert Solutions

BioAlert Solutions

BioAlert Solutions markets the first integrated detector for the direct and continuous monitoring of the Legionnaires’ disease bacteria to provide better protection to industrial and commercial cooling systems.


Espace LABz
2650, Maximilien-Chagnon Street
Sherbrooke (Québec) Canada
J1E 0M8

In the core of the Sherbrooke Science Park
140 km east of Montreal
50 km north of the U.S. border

Espace LABz

2650 Maximilien-Chagnon Street
Sherbrooke (Québec) Canada
J1E 0M8


For more details, please contact:

Martine Courtemanche
Director, Business Services – Life Sciences and Micro-Nanotechnologies
Sherbrooke Innopole
Phone: +1 819 821-5577, poste 131
Cell: +1 819 239-6850
Toll-free: +1 877 211-5326

Espace Labz was put together by Sherbrooke Innopole in partnership with the City of Sherbrooke, the Industrial Promotion Committee of Brompton (CPIB) and the Industrial Promotion Committee of Sherbrooke (CPIS).

In carrying out this project, the founding partners have also been able to count on support from Canada Economic Development for Québec’s regions and from VWR.

Sherbrooke Innopole’s mandate ends on March 31, 2024. We invite you to contact Entreprendre Sherbrooke or the Service du développement économique of the Ville de Sherbrooke for further services.
Thank you to all Sherbrooke industrial and technological businesses, as well as to all our partners for the trust granted since 2009!