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Five Sherbrooke industrial sectors have been targeted by Sherbrooke Innopole based on critical mass in research and related number of industries and jobs: Life Sciences, Cleantech, Micro-nanotechnologies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Advanced Manufacturing.  Competencies and expertise related to these sectors earmark Sherbrooke and give it an enormous innovation and technology transfer, economic development, job creation and wealth appreciation potential. These five key sectors have municipal, provincial and federal access to financing.

Life Sciences

50 businesses, 2727 jobs
With its University Hospital Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering Faculty and numerous advanced research centres and innovating businesses, Sherbrooke is positioning itself as a world class hub in the life sciences and knowledge economy sectors.


113 businesses, 2982 jobs
The Cleantech sector in Sherbrooke is in full spin with a committed research sector, novel training and businesses that are competing via their creativity and the development of novel products and services related to renewable energy, bio-industries, waste recovery, and water and soil treatment.


7 businesses, 825 jobs
Benefiting from a highly qualified and stable workforce, renowned researchers from the University Pole, local and international partners, the research and business sectors related to Sherbrooke’s Micro-nanotechnologies cluster are achieving recognition in areas as diverse as aerospace, biomedical and advanced electronics.

Information and Communication Technologies

96 businesses, 1842 jobs
Based on the strength of an exceptional talent pool from renowned educational institutions, a sophisticated research infrastructure and associated businesses, Sherbrooke’s Information and Communication Technologies sector is undergoing rapid development in several specialized sectors: video games, software development and cloud computing.

Advanced manufacturing

375 businesses, 9790 jobs
Thanks to an abundant and specialized workforce and available and efficient R&D infrastructures, a growing number of businesses are banking on innovation and the development of new technologies, new and stimulating products and processes, to propel their growth and Sherbrooke’s economy.