News » May 13, 2017

La Ruche Has Arrived in Estrie!

The proximity crowdfunding platform La Ruche launched its Estrie division May 9, 2017, in Sherbrooke. Based …

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News » February 16, 2017

Québec Grants $3.6M to Support the Growth of Verbom in Sherbrooke

The expansion plans for Verbom’s Sherbrooke plant have rallied support from various levels of government: …

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News » January 22, 2017

New Mitacs Funding Program for ACET Startups

Mitacs has added a new potential funding source for startup businesses created by students and supported …

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News » April 15, 2016

A Young Sherbrooke Engineer Takes the Leap into Business with Usinage ALT

PRESS RELEASE – Antoine Larkin-Turgeon, a 33-year-old engineer with a strong sense of entrepreneurship, …

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News » April 3, 2016

Rare Diseases: Sherbrooke Biochemist Receives Support from Shire

Professor and researcher Christiane Auray-Blais has been granted more than $920 000 in financial support …

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News » March 12, 2016

SE2 Enters the Pre-Marketing Phase of its Alice POS Platform

PRESS RELEASE – The company SE2 is preparing to market its cloud-based Alice POS platform, offering point-of-sale …

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News » January 20, 2016

BioIntelligence Technologies concludes a first round of financing with more than $1M

PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke company BioIntelligence Technologies Inc. has just obtained global funding …

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News » November 21, 2015

Concrete Projects to Support Entrepreneurs by City of Sherbrooke and Sherbrooke Innopole

PRESS RELEASE – Today, the City of Sherbrooke and Sherbrooke Innopole announced several projects and …

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News » March 30, 2015

Naturellement Pasta Raising the Standard for Fresh Pasta

PRESS RELEASE – The young Sherbrooke company Naturellement Pasta, which specializes in producing and …

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