News » October 8, 2013

$135 Million in New Capital for Canadian Health-Care Companies

There is some good news for Canadian health-care companies: BDC Venture Capital has injected $135 million …

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News » June 27, 2013

AxesNetwork Obtains $1.04 Million from Anges Québec and Fonds Anges Québec Capital

The automated payment system developed by AxesNetwork, a Sherbrooke company, is getting investors excited: …

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News » February 7, 2013

$300,000 Grant for ACCORD Health Biotech Cluster

The ACCORD Health/Biotech cluster has received a non-reimbursable grant of $300,000 from the Government …

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News » September 26, 2012

$500,000 investment in E2Metrix

The Fonds de Solidarité FTQ Investissements technologiques (FSIT) is investing $333,334 in E2Metrix under …

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