19 June 2017

Sherbrooke Innopole Provides Financial Support for the International Development of Nine Sherbrooke Businesses

PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke Innopole recently created the Sherbrooke International Program, available to businesses in all of its key sectors.  Initially launched as a pilot project in the Life Sciences key sector, this program provides direct support for the international development of Sherbrooke businesses, in the form of non-repayable contributions.

Following the first call for projects, nine Sherbrooke companies were selected to receive a financial contribution of $3000 each from Sherbrooke Innopole, to enable or expand their participation in trade fairs, conferences, and missions. In addition to the funds granted, the winning companies will be put in touch with strategic contacts, such as trade commissioners, embassy and consulate officials, and other potential partners, simultaneously enhancing Sherbrooke’s profile.

The competition was open to all companies in the Cleantech, Information Technologies, and Advanced Manufacturing key sectors that will be conducting an activity abroad to expand their market internationally during the year 2017.

The key sector directors received many applications: “I was really stunned by the number of proposals we received, especially since they were all attractive and pertinent. The choice was terribly difficult for each of us,” stated Nathalie Prince, Director, Business Services – Advanced Manufacturing. The determination of the winners was based on several criteria, notably the impact of the activity on the company and on Sherbrooke, the real need of the business for a financial contribution, the departure dates, and the target countries.

Milos Skrga, Mobilus Technologies, Christian Pelletier and Benoit Laliberté, Portable Winch, Joséanne Bélanger-Gravel, Rackam, Jean-Pierre Corriveau, DBO Expert, Nathalie Ouellet, Sherbrooke Innopole, Éric Descormiers, Gestion Descormiers (Trigone), Éric Perlinger, Filspec, Pascal Larose and Josée Carignan, Exonetik, Myriam Bélisle, Sherbrooke Innopole, Éric Gauthier et Alexandre Paquet, Leadfox, Marc-Henri Faure, Sherbrooke Innopole.
Not on the picture: ECOTIERRA.

Ambassador winners – Sherbrooke International 2017 


RACKAM / Solar energy production for industrial processes / Project: Meeting with potential partners in Mexico. In the case of a long-term agreement with partners, the Mexican market as well as the markets of South American countries will be accessible. The project will lead to an increase in production and the hiring of more workers. “Sherbrooke International will enable us to make the trip sooner to focus our efforts on market development and to begin a feasibility study more quickly,” said Joséanne Bélanger-Gravel, Director of Business Development at Rackam.

DBO EXPERT / Development and distribution of technologies for wastewater treatment / Project: Participation in COP 23 in Germany. Maximized participation in this event could result in a fivefold increase in their export sales in a single year. In that case, they could develop an organizational structure specifically for international markets, creating between five and eight jobs.

ECOTIERRA / Development of sustainable agroforestry projects generating carbon credits / Participation of ECOTIERRA in COP13 in Mexico. This event will mark the launch of the Canopy Sustainable Land Use Fund. The fund will ensure the continued growth of the business by enabling the financing of several large-scale projects entirely run by the company that will ensure the sustainable development of the communities involved. Undertaking these new projects will require the creation of 15 or so new positions in Sherbrooke over a three-year horizon.

Information and Communication Technologies

LEADFOX / Digital marketing platform / Project: Participation in MarTech in Boston. Businesses wishing to improve their marketing performance through technologies will attend.  “Our presence will help us find new clients, partner agencies, and technology partners and better position ourselves in the American marketplace,” said Alexandre Paquet, President of Leadfox. The company also plans to be an exhibitor at eCOM in Montréal, SaaS North in Ottawa, and E-Commerce in Paris.

MOBILUS / Software optimizing the home delivery of medication / Project: Participation in the conference SOPROPHARM 2017 (association des pharmaciens propriétaires affiliés à Jean Coutu), in France. It’s a valuable opportunity for Mobilus, because it’s through Jean Coutu that the company will be able to extend its market penetration. The company hopes to return from the conference with 30 licences sold, representing a recurring turnover of $50K.

GESTION DESCORMIERS / Outsourcing and IT development company / Project: Trade mission to Morocco.  This experience will enable the company to strengthen its ties with its Moroccan partner and to develop a relationship with the Ministry of Health in Morocco. “This assistance will enable us to switch from phone meetings to formal meetings that will have much more impact in the development of business relations in terms of credibility,” stated  Éric Descormiers, President of Gestion Descormiers in Sherbrooke.

Advanced Manufacturing

 FILSPEC / Design and manufacturing of specialized textile yarns / Project: Market development missions and establishment of a sales office in Mexico. The funding will enable FilSpec to participate in trade fairs with technical personnel from the factory, to test and certify samples to support product and app development and its applications. FilSpec will meet partners and potential clients in the United States, Central America, Colombia, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Denmark.

EXONETIK / Action of machines to create a fluid, natural, and synergistic interaction with the human/ Project: Exonetik plans to head to the United States to obtain new engineering contracts and to negotiate the granting of licences in the automotive sector and physical training. The team must also head to Europe to validate proofs-of-concept in other sectors. The anticipated returns could result in the company doubling its turnover.

PORTABLE WINCH / Production of portable hoisting and lifting tools / Project: Mission to Indonesia and participation in the Electric, Power and Renewable Energy trade show in Jakarta, with a partner. The grant will enable an employee to be onsite to strengthen relations with the distributor, increase brand visibility and knowledge of the products in Indonesia, as well as to convey accurate and pertinent information.  It will also be an opportunity to meet potential clients.


The 2018 call for projects will be launched in mid-September and will be open to businesses in the five key sectors. Information will be posted on several of Sherbrooke Innopole’s digital platforms (website, social networks, newsletter, by e-mail to the companies concerned).

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