Find bilingual talent

Via its 2 universities, 4 colleges, and other specialized educational institutions, Sherbrooke trains high-quality labour to support the growth of its businesses. The extent of the research conducted here also contributes to the attraction and retention of top talent in Sherbrooke.

Through a full curriculum in both official languages—French and English—from elementary school to university, Sherbrooke’s education system generates a pool of workers with one of the highest bilingualism rates in Québec, at more than 43%.

Customized training

Sherbrooke features a wide range of professional, technical, and university education opportunities in tune with the ever-more stringent requirements of the labour market and innovation. Many programs include work internships to welcome a dynamic new generation of employees and train top graduates.

In addition, Sherbrooke educational institutions offer continuing education services to businesses seeking to develop their teams’ skills and enhance their productivity.

Focusing on students for the next generation

My career in Sherbrooke, by Sherbrooke Innopole

The tens of thousands of students trained by the region’s educational institutions form an important potential of qualified labour. To encourage their retention in Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke Innopole deploys the My career in Sherbrooke initiative. The project provides opportunities for students and local industrial and tech employers to meet.

Successfully integrating skilled foreign workers

Businesses operating in any of Sherbrooke Innopole’s five key sectors who recruit specialised workers from outside the region can get additional support services by partnering with Préférence Estrie. They offer welcoming services, assistance locating accommodations and other services as well as job placement help for spouses of highly qualified newcomers.

Do you hire foreign workers or immigrants? Find out more about the services available to your business by contacting Myriam Gagnon-Couture: / 819 821-5577, extension 126.

Sherbrooke Innopole is moving to the Quartier général de l’entrepreneuriat!

As of November 20, 2023, our addresses – physical and mailing – will change. Please consult them here.

Our team will mainly be teleworking during the moving phase, from November 20 to 30. We invite you to contact our professionals by email or telephone before coming to our offices.

We look forward to welcoming you to the QG on December 4!