Operating costs

Benefit from low operating costs

Sherbrooke offers competitive installation conditions and some of the lowest operating costs in Canada.

Based on the Competitive Alternatives (2016) international comparative study led by KPMG, costs related to labour, installation, transportation, and utilities are overall lower in Sherbrooke, with a cost index of 83.2 based on the US baseline index of 100, than in most major cities in North America and Europe.

According to a 2016 Canadian Business survey, Sherbrooke also is among the Top 10 Most Business-Friendly Places in Canada.

In addition to this favourable business environment, you’ll find in Sherbrooke an innovative, strong economy, with a variety of sectors of activity, a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a knowledge hub in tune with the industry’s needs.

Sherbrooke Innopole is moving to the Quartier général de l’entrepreneuriat!

As of November 20, 2023, our addresses – physical and mailing – will change. Please consult them here.

Our team will mainly be teleworking during the moving phase, from November 20 to 30. We invite you to contact our professionals by email or telephone before coming to our offices.

We look forward to welcoming you to the QG on December 4!