18 July 2016

Ecotierra in the Race for the Fuller Challenge Grand Prize

Ecotierra is among the 19 semi-finalists from all over the world eligible to win the $100 000 grand prize in the 2016 Fuller Challenge—regarded as the highest distinction in socially responsible design.

This challenge, initiated by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in the U.S., seeks to identify and reward initiatives that foster a holistic approach to addressing some of the most pressing issues for humanity. The proposed solutions must be part of a comprehensive strategy, simultaneously tackling the issue on from several perspectives – social, environmental, and economic.

This is exactly the case of Ecotierra’s Shade Coffee and Cocoa Reforestation Project (SCCRP) in Peru, which is offsetting the rapid rates of deforestation.


The initiative involves more than 12 000 producers, who are part of some 30 cooperatives in the Andes Cordillera. Ecotierra is developing sustainable agroforestry projects with each of these cooperatives, which generate Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credits. In return, communities receive income beyond their revenue from cocoa and coffee sales.

The Sherbrooke business, which is certified B Corp, is working toward replicating this successful model in Colombia and the Ivory Coast.


The projects being considered in the Fuller Challenge will be assessed based on a number of criteria, with the intent of fostering a transition towards a future that is fairer and more sustainable—visionary, comprehensive, prospective, environmentally responsible, attainable, verifiable, and replicable.

The winning initiative in the 9th edition of the Fuller Challenge will be announced in November as part of a ceremony in New York City.

Source: Buckminster Fuller Institute



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