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13 February 2020

Potential Solutions to Counter Labour Shortage

Auteur : Myriam Gagnon-Couture

To mark its 10th anniversary, Sherbrooke Innopole is publishing 10 columns related to business and innovation in the daily newspaper, La Tribune.

Believe it or not, the good old methods of recruiting staff are no longer effective. It takes new ingredients, a new approach. Here are some ideas for innovating in terms of your attraction–and retention–strategies!

Be inclusive

This means expanding your pool of candidates by tapping into currently under-represented groups in the labour market: Immigrants, persons with limited mobility, young people, experienced workers, women in non-traditional trades, seniors, etc. Do not hesitate to call upon Estrie’s employability services organizations; they are ready to help you.

It also means incorporating initiatives to make your workplace more inclusive and accommodating: Flexible working hours, teleworking, well-structured work integration mechanisms, task or workstation adjustments, using a resource that speaks the language of your immigrant workers, etc. International recruitment can also be another avenue to explore to meet your skilled labour needs.

Be motivating

The happier your employees, the more they will want to pursue their careers with you… and the more they will promote you as an employer, acting as ambassadors. And happiness at work requires a pleasant and welcoming environment. Of course, you can’t redecorate a factory… but you can give a makeover to a dining/break room. Be attentive to your staff and their needs. Put your company’s specific identity forward: What are your values as a company; what do employees appreciate? With a well-established and well-conveyed corporate culture, you will attract people who reflect your image.

Robotics and the automation of repetitive tasks enable workers to have more exciting roles. Do your needs fluctuate with orders? Rather than putting employees out of work or giving them boring tasks, consider labour sharing, an increasingly popular approach in the Estrie region.

And don’t forget to train your employees, either to keep them up to date or to help them advance in the company. New internal positions are exciting opportunities for your team to grow.

Be connected

With a single click, people should be able to learn a lot about your company, find open positions, and apply for them. Ensure that your website highlights your employer brand and facilitates recruitment. And above all, don’t wait for candidates to come to you; take the lead. Be active on social networks, or even proactive, by using sourcing to find key employees. New tools such as recruitment programs and application-sorting algorithms can also make life easier.

Stay in tune with the next generation

They are the workers of tomorrow… but they can be very valuable today. Strategies such as concomitance, co-existence, co-op programs, and internships are all opportunities to welcome and establish initial contact with students – and are offered in all of the region’s educational institutions, from vocational to university institutions. Many students will choose to pursue their careers in one of their internship settings. Otherwise, meet students by attending lunch lectures, job fairs, networking evenings, etc.

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Text published in La Tribune of February 13, 2020, page 7

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