Blog » May 2, 2023

New to Our Board of Directors

Sherbrooke Innopole is pleased to announce Étienne Villeneuve’s appointment as President of its Board …

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Blog » December 8, 2021

Aim For B Corp Certification… as a team!

Some say that if it were easy, everyone would do it! Well, I can guarantee you that the road to obtaining …

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Blog » March 17, 2021

Josée Larochelle appointed at the Board of Sherbrooke Innopole

Sherbrooke Innopole is proud to announce the appointment of Mrs. Josée Larochelle, CPA, CA, taxation …

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Blog » January 27, 2021

Reach your full entrepreneurship potential, with a mentor

Did you know? 70% of mentored small business owners make it past the critical five-year mark, which is …

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Blog » October 22, 2020

International Networking to Transform Innovation into Opportunity

The importance of innovation is well established and accepted in our society. The term innovation is …

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Blog » October 8, 2020

Bringing technology to market: Challenges and opportunities

The current pandemic has brought its share of disruption, even panic in our society. However, if we take …

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Blog » June 25, 2020

Economic Perspectives: Prepare and Protect

The current economic crisis will go down in history as one of the fastest hitting of the last 150 years.

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Blog » June 11, 2020

Innovative Business Models for a Strong Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis, like any other major, uncontrollable event—recessions, natural disasters, etc.—is …

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Blog » May 28, 2020

Recovery: Protect Against Bad Debt

The COVID-19 crisis is leading us into unknown territory: No past economic crisis has ever struck supply …

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Sherbrooke Innopole is moving to the Quartier général de l’entrepreneuriat!

As of November 20, 2023, our addresses – physical and mailing – will change. Please consult them here.

Our team will mainly be teleworking during the moving phase, from November 20 to 30. We invite you to contact our professionals by email or telephone before coming to our offices.

We look forward to welcoming you to the QG on December 4!