FlagFranchise @ Toronto Franchise Expo

19 March 2019

FlagFranchise at the Toronto Franchise Expo // SHERBROOKE INTERNATIONAL

Auteur : Sherbrooke Innopole

As part of the Sherbrooke International program, selected Sherbrooke businesses have received direct support for their development outside Québec. Sherbrooke International is proud to encourage and support Sherbrooke businesses to shine internationally. After each of these significant projects, participants are invited to share their experiences through a blog post.

Sylvie Grégoire, Presidente of FlagFranchise, Jean Leblond, Vice-President Business Development, and Serge Germain, owner, participated in the Toronto Franchise Expo, in January 2019. They shared their experience:


Operational since spring 2017, FlagFranchise is a smart and upgradable Web tool that enables winning combinations of franchisors and franchisees through its algorithm based on the following performance factors: Skills, budgets, vision, values, lifestyle, etc. Thousands of users/candidates and more than 115 franchisors are already active on FlagFranchise. Included among these franchisors are St-Hubert, Harvey’s, Yuzu Sushi, Second Cup, Le Shaker, Cacao 70, and Play N Trade.

Through Sherbrooke Innopole’s Sherbrooke International program, FlagFranchise was able to obtain financial support for its participation at The Franchise Expo in Toronto on January 12 and 13, 2019. Part of the team had the opportunity to meet key stakeholders for international business development.

An ever-stronger network

Our participation at The Franchise Expo enabled us to reinforce relationships with some of our Canadian franchisor clients and to meet new ones to enhance our offer’s quality. We implement strategies to promote these banners here in Quebec to make them accessible to our Quebec investors, and also to enable these franchise candidates to find the franchise best suited to them in Canada and elsewhere in the world by giving them access to hundreds of opportunities.

Currently, more than 115 business opportunities are available on the platform, but we intend on increasing this number to more than 150 following our participation at the expo.

Opportunities for master franchises

The franchise world is very fascinating. This industry can meet the needs of individuals who want to become their own boss, take the future into their own hands, and achieve success by owning a business, and respond to business investors looking to take over a territory and generate wealth.

FlagFranchise @ Toronto Franchise Expo

Some investors may be granted the right and responsibility of developing a territory by granting franchises. They then enter a master franchise agreement with the franchisor.

While we already have access to multiple investment opportunities from 19 countries through our alliance with Franchise World Link, the presence of FlagFranchise at trade shows also gives us access to master franchise opportunities in Québec for Canadian franchisors or to Canadian franchisors to develop their market in Canada or abroad.

More growth to come

In addition to increasing our franchise opportunity offer to cater to all types of investors, we have also greatly strengthened our network of professional advisors to adequately support franchise entrepreneurs in the achievement of their entrepreneurial dream.

Thanks to Sherbrooke Innopole which has named us International Ambassadors for 2019, we are confident that we can help a greater number of investors to find the franchise that best suits them.

Investors interested in a single franchise or a master franchise may contact us directly so that we can help them find the project that best suits them. They can also create their profile at no cost on FlagFranchise.


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