26 November 2015

Sigma-Aldrich Will Distribute Tekna’s Nanoparticles Worldwide

Tekna has formed a partnership with U.S. company Sigma-Aldrich for the worldwide distribution of its Boron Nitride NanoTubes (BNNT), copper nanoparticles, and silicon nanoparticles in sample quantities.

Boron Nitride NanoTubesThrough Sigma-Aldrich’s sales and distribution network, these innovative materials will gain more visibility and become more readily available to the international scientific community.

Tekna will continue to commercialize industrial quantities of these nanoparticles to its existing and growing customer base.

Boron Nitride NanoTubes are a cutting-edge material with unique properties—which outshine those of better-known carbon nanotubes—and which will revolutionize a wide array of applications, including the security, aerospace, biomedical, and automotive sectors, and many more.

Source and photo credit: Tekna



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