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8 June 2023

Sherbrooke Innopole Honours 29 Volunteer Mentors

PRESS RELEASE – Last night, Sherbrooke Innopole honoured the work of 29 mentors from its mentoring cell for entrepreneurs during a recognition ceremony. The organization highlighted the valuable support they provide Sherbrooke entrepreneurs and their essential contribution to local economic vitality.

The recognition event was attended by Pierre Duhamel, General Director of the Réseau Mentorat, Christelle Lefèvre, City Councillor and Chair of the Commission du développement économique, Sylvain Durocher, Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole, and Luc Riendeau, Associate Head Mentor of the Sherbrooke cell.

The honoured mentors received a grand total of 33 awards from the Réseau Mentorat recognition program, of which the Sherbrooke Innopole cell is a member:

DIAMOND: 5 mentors
Michel Gagnon, Pierre-Stéphan Lafrance, Jean-Pierre Lavallée, Bruno Morin, Ghislain Demers

These mentors will receive their Diamond certification at a provincial gala to be held as part of the Rendez-vous Réseau Mentorat next November.

GOLD: 7 mentors
Maurice Bernier, Jean Desmarais, Daniel Giroux, Frederick Proteau, Pierre Roy, Christiane Veilleux, Stéphane Yelle 

SILVER: 7 mentors
Pierre Cameron, Anne-Marie Dumas, Josée Leclair, Réal Létourneau, Marie-Josée McGowan, Yves Royer

 BRONZE: 4 mentors
Vickie Lamontagne, Josée Leclair, Line Munger, Margarita Lafontaine

CERTIFICATE: 11 mentors
Marie-France Bélanger, Lina Donnard, Mireille Jacques, Vickie Lamontagne, Josée Leclair, Michel Maurice, Line Munger, Claude-Adrien Noël, Martin Valiquette, Denis Paquette, Normand Pigeon

The Sherbrooke Innopole mentoring cell for entrepreneurs has 40 currently active mentors, who provided support to 56 entrepreneurs mentored in 2022. Note that the mentorship Sherbrooke Innopole offers is a cross-functional service open to all Sherbrooke entrepreneurs, regardless of the activity sector of their business.

“Mentorship is a fundamental tool for any business leader to leverage. It is a veritable Swiss Army knife through the multiple roles it can play, whether breaking isolation, taking a step back, developing one’s full potential, and beyond. Sherbrooke entrepreneurs are extremely fortunate to be able to count on experienced mentors who have such multifaceted skills and who are immensely generous with their time. Thanks to your volunteer dedication and tireless commitment in sharing with the next generation, the local economy can prosper!” highlighted Sylvain Durocher, Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole.

“Sherbrooke Innopole has always been a great ally of Réseau Mentorat and its highly dedicated and dynamic mentors. It is a pleasure to recognize their volunteer involvement and commitment to sharing their business experience with entrepreneurs from Sherbrooke. Congratulations to a team of hard-working, talented mentors!” proclaimed Pierre Duhamel, General Director of the Réseau Mentorat.

“Well done and thank you to all those who were honoured. Through their mentorship, they are contributing to Sherbrooke’s economic vitality. Their commitment has made an impact which is appreciated by entrepreneurs as well as the population as a whole, as it is a reflection of their sense of belonging to Sherbrooke,” stated Christelle Lefèvre, City Councillor and Chair of the Commission du développement économique.

The selection criteria for the different levels of recognition include the number of months during which the mentor was paired with one or more mentees, the activities in which the mentor participated, and the mentor’s level of involvement in the local, regional, and national promotion of mentorship.

For more information on Sherbrooke Innopole’s mentorship service for entrepreneurs, visit 

About Sherbrooke Innopole

Sherbrooke Innopole is the paramunicipal economic development organization for the industrial and high-value-added services sector. Its mission is to accelerate the development of companies from the five key sectors – Advanced Manufacturing, Information and Quantum Technologies, Cleantech, Life Sciences and Micro-Nanotechnologies – and ensure that Sherbrooke has an attractive and innovative business environment. It is mainly financed by the City of Sherbrooke through the Bureau de coordination du développement économique. 

About Réseau Mentorat

The Réseau Mentorat is dedicated to developing entrepreneurs’ full potential through mentorship. In collaboration with partners, we create long-lasting support relationships based on active listening and sharing, throughout Quebec and the French-speaking world. We believe that business growth takes place through the wellbeing and self-actualization of leaders. Through the practice of mentorship, entrepreneurs can find the support they need to live fulfilling lives and contribute to the economic prosperity of their region. In Québec, the Réseau Mentorat relies on major support from the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie, Banque Nationale, Québecor, and Desjardins, as well as leading partners, including Barreau du Québec, Cascades, Cogeco, Développement économique Canada, Laval économique, Hydro-Québec, Intact Assurance, Léger, RBC Banque Royale and Secrétariat à la jeunesse du Québec.

Source: Sherbrooke Innopole

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