15 April 2016

Shared Open Data Portal: Sherbrooke Joins Forces With Four Other Cities and the Government of Québec

The municipalities of Sherbrooke, Montréal, Québec City, Gatineau, and Laval, as well as the Government of Québec, have inaugurated a new online open data portal, Données Québec. These organizations, which each had their own portal, wanted to simplify access to their data by centralizing it on one platform.

Several organizations have submitted data sets for the portal: the Ville de Sherbrooke, Destination Sherbrooke, the Société de transport de Sherbrooke, SociéTic, Commerce Sherbrooke, etc.

IT developers and ICT experts can create useful applications for citizens using open data. The data may enable the development of practical applications related to available parking spots, waste collection, or even snow removal zones, for example.

Among the applications already available online created from the site’s open data, Today enables users to discover activities in several cities based on what they feel like doing at the moment. Doctr, enables users to locate the least busy emergency rooms in real time.

Sources: Gouvernement du Québec and La Tribune



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