21 June 2015

Research Laboratory in Greece for Rackam

Rackam, a company specialized in the implementation of clean solar and thermal technologies, is participating in a Greece-based pilot project in collaboration with Bienter, a company specialized in the deployment of renewable energy facilities.

A laboratory will be set up by the two partners at the University of Thrace, with the objective of combining solar heating, using a field of Rackam’s S20 parabolic troughs, with a low-depth geothermal installation. The plant will supply heating and power to greenhouses.

Laboratoire-Rackam-WThe laboratory will be set up at the University of Thrace

Work will take until August 2015. This pilot project is co-funded by the SA/DUTH and the European Union through its Interreg program.

Rackam’s third project in the Mediterranean region confirms the company’s commitment in this sector with great potential for micro CSP solar applications.

Rackam’s Innovation Recognized

Rackam contributed to an innovative project at a global level by installing solar parabolic troughs on UQAC’s Alouette pavilion in Sept-Îles to supply both heating and air conditioning. This achievement’s excellence was recognized as part of the NOVAE Corporate Citizen Award – Sustainable Building category.

Air conditioning using solar heat is Rackam’s own technological innovation. Using an ejector-compression system enables the high-velocity propulsion of steam to absorb the external environment’s energy. The subtraction of the energy found in the environment results in a decrease in the ambient temperature. This new technology enables Rackam to increase the potential applications of its solar plants.

Rackam’s team of ten or so employees designs, adapts, and sells equipment to industrial businesses to enable them to generate the power required for their processes themselves, reduce costs, and promote sustainable development.

Source et crédit photo : Rackam

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