8 June 2014

OCTAS 2014: Three Université de Sherbrooke Students Awarded

The Autonomous Aerial Vehicle of the Université de Sherbrooke (VAMUdeS) team won the award in the Student – College and University Level category at the 2014 OCTAS Gala.

VAMUdeS Octas 2014

Kévin Bélanger, Jacob Deschamps, and Julien Huot have developed an aerial image acquisition and analysis system. Sent in real time to a ground station, photos are used to geolocate and identify targets in an automated or manual way.

Eighteen other award winners were rewarded during the Gala, which was attended by more than 500 professionals, managers, and decision-makers from the Information and Communication Technologies sector at the Québec City Convention Centre.

Source and photo credit: Réseau Action TI

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