26 February 2013

Image Designed by a Université de Sherbrooke Student Captivates Viewers Internationally

Cerebral Infiltration, an image created by Maxime Chamberland, a master’s student in computer science at the Université de Sherbrooke, has won two awards in the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge organized by the prestigious journal Science and the National Science Foundation.

2310978057-f2.mediumThe image, which depicts the effects of a malignant tumour (with shading from red to blue) on structural connections within the brain, won the People’s Choice award and an honourable mention from the competition’s panel of judges.

Cerebral Infiltration, whose design was supervised by Professor Maxime Descoteaux, was created in preparation for brain surgery performed successfully by Dr. David Fortin.

The prize-winning image has since gone viral, posted on a number of websites and published in numerous scientific journals, including Science, Reader’s Digest, Scientific American Mind, Discover Magazine, and Medical Tribune.

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Source: Université de Sherbrooke
Photo Credit: Maxime Chamberland, Maxime Descoteaux and David Fortin

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