30 April 2014

Enerkem chosen for round one of CCEMC Grand Challenge


Sherbrooke firm Enerkem is among the 24 finalists being funded to take part in round one of the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation’s (CCEMC) Grand Challenge.

The aim of Enerkem’s R&D project is to convert carbon from industrial waste CO2 emissions and natural gas into chemicals, such as propanol, propionic acid, and acrylic acid.

The project was chosen out of 344 submissions from 37 countries around the world.

As a finalist in round one of the Grand Challenge, Enerkem gets a $500 000 grant to enhance its biorefinery technology.

The names of the Grand Challenge finalists were announced in Edmonton at ZERO 2014: A Conference for a Low Carbon Future.

CCEMC Grand Challenge 

CCEMC Grand Challenge provides funds for innovative technologies that allow CO2 emissions to be converted into marketable products.

Round two of CCEMC Grand Challenge will be launched in September 2015. The five successful candidates will each get a grant worth $3 million. In 2018, the overall winner, chosen at the end of the last round, will receive a grant of $10 million.

Source: Enerkem

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