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6 March 2023

Calogy Solutions Consolidates its Foundations in Sherbrooke with New Production Facility

PRESS RELEASE – Calogy Solutions, a company focused on thermal management technologies for electrified transportation, is solidifying its presence in Sherbrooke through the purchase of land in the Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park to accommodate its first manufacturing plant. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and will serve as Calogy Solutions’ pilot production line, further accelerating the company’s growth.

“We have seen a strong interest and demand for our thermal management technologies and battery modules. This facility will help us meet the demand and contribute to advancing electrification of transportation,” said Mahmood Shirazy, CEO and co-founder of Calogy Solutions. “We are proud to be a growing company in Sherbrooke. There’s a market for a talented workforce, a thriving ecosystem for electrified transportation, and support for circular economy initiatives that really make Sherbrooke a prime location for us.

Accelerated growth in a high security environment

Calogy Solutions is experiencing tremendous growth; a company founded in 2020 with one employee now boasting a team of 20 people.

“It is critical for us to have facilities that meet our growing production needs and the health and safety needs specific to the field of battery technology. Working in a new and growing industry is very exciting, but employee safety always comes first,” added Mehdi Hedhili, Director of Engineering at Calogy Solutions.

With the new facility in the Regional Industrial Park housing the company’s headquarters, production, and research and development, Calogy is anticipating substantial growth by the time the new plant is completed, including an additional 25 hires by 2025.

The company is currently finalizing its pilot manufacturing lines for a new thermal management system and battery module for light-duty vehicle and aerospace applications and is planning to increase its capacity from 1 to 6 million units of thermal components and more than double the annual production of batteries.

During its land acquisition process, Calogy Solutions was supported by Sherbrooke Innopole, in partnership with the City of Sherbrooke. “We have always believed in the potential of the technologies offered by Calogy Solutions, a leading cleantech company. This is why we have been supporting and guiding contractors since the company’s inception. It is a great source of pride for us to see it continue and expand here in Sherbrooke,” stated Sylvain Durocher, Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole.

About Calogy Solutions

As experts in thermal management, Calogy Solutions develops and manufactures thermal management components and lithium-ion battery modules for electric transportation applications.

With the launch of its first thermal products, Calogy identified exciting opportunities to reach underserved markets by developing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery modules for low-speed vehicles and aerospace applications, using their new thermal management technology.

With partners like Kargo, Bell Flight, and SAFRAN (France), Calogy is emerging as an important player in Quebec’s circular economy initiative for electric transportation and expects to broaden its impact by helping other Quebec companies adopt electric transportation business models with their products.

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