14 February 2014

Bishop’s University Obtains Carbon Care Certification

Carbon Care logoBishop’s University has obtained Carbon CareTM certification from Enviro-access. It is the first institution of higher learning to meet all of the certification’s requirements.

As well as having carried out an inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), the English-language university has introduced a dozen concrete steps to reduce them.

Of note among these has been the installation of a geothermal heating and air conditioning system, a project costing $8 million, whose facilities were inaugurated at the same time.

With its 57 underground wells, the new system replaces the former steam heating system. Ultimately it will save 7 million litres of water, as well as $500 000 annually.

This will result in a GHG reduction of 2 300 tonnes annually, i.e. 66%.

Objective: Carbon neutral in 2016

Bishop’s University plans to continue its environmental efforts with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2016.

Sources: La Tribune and Enviro-accès



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