Immune Biosolutions @ JP Morgan 2019

25 January 2019

Immune Biosolutions at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in the US // SHERBROOKE INTERNATIONAL

Auteur : Sherbrooke Innopole

As part of the Sherbrooke International program, selected Sherbrooke businesses have received direct support for their development outside Québec. Sherbrooke International is proud to encourage and support Sherbrooke businesses to shine internationally. After each of these significant projects, participants are invited to share their experiences through a blog post.

Frédéric Leduc, CEO and co-founder, and Simon Gaudreau, Scientific Director and co-founder of Immune Biosolutions, attended the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco in January 2019. They shared their experience:

Immune Biosolutions

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is a Life Sciences event not to be missed.

In January 2019, Immune Biosolutions attended the leading and enigmatic annual life sciences get-together in San Franciso: The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Why is it not to be missed? Because science and the financial world converge during that week with ambitious missions, such as finding a biopharmaceutical partner and/or an investor to back the endeavours of more than 500 international startups; spreading the word about the scientific and marketing accomplishments of numerous companies experiencing growth, both private and public; and identifying ideal collaborators and subcontractors. A gathering with a united vision: To create, develop, and market new medication, diagnostic tools, and technologies to save lives.

Enigmatic? Yes, indeed. It is unlike most commercial trade fairs, as there is no other main event open to everyone that brings all participants together. The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is a grouping of smaller conferences and private events where highly productive encounters often happen as people move from one site for a partnership meeting to another for a theme-based conference. A challenge for any young biotech company from Québec!

Immune Biosolutions @ JP Morgan 2019

Immune Biosolutions, a Sherbrooke biotech company with great ambitions

Founded and installed in the heart of the Sherbrooke Science Park, Immune Biosolutions is a biotechnological company specializing in the discovery and engineering of humanized chicken antibodies targeting historically difficult proteins with a demonstrated therapeutic potential. Immune Biosolutions also develops new antibody-based medication sourced from chicken immune systems to treat major diseases, such as cancer, infections, and digestive tract inflammation.

Some of these new antibodies with therapeutic aims against cancer have been developed in collaboration with teams from the Université de Sherbrooke and their preclinical validation was backed by the CQDM, the Cancer Research Society, and the Mitacs Program. Immune Biosolutions has concluded a partnership agreement with Johnson & Johnson regarding the co-development of several new antibodies.

Immune Biosolutions on a mission

Representing Immune Biosolutions, Frédéric Leduc (CEO and co-founder) and Simon Gaudreau (Scientific Director and co-founder) attended the 2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Thanks to the financial support from Sherbrooke Innopole, the Immune Biosolutions delegates took part in two partnership events, the RESI@SF and the Biotech Showcase, to extend their international reach and to secure meetings with high-level contacts. The goals were to develop relationships with potential new investors and pharmaceutical partners, and to strengthen relationships with current pharmaceutical partners and known investors.

In all, the co-founders took part in more than 40 meetings with potential foreign investors, key partners from the bio-pharmaceutical sector, and numerous collaborators and suppliers.

Immune Biosolutions’ team believes that, in the short term, these meetings will lead to the company signing co-discovery partnerships and possibly obtaining funding to ensure the development of a new generation of made-in-Québec therapeutic antibodies.


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