1 August 2019

Défi Polyteck at Coverings in Florida // SHERBROOKE INTERNATIONAL

Auteur : Sherbrooke Innopole

As part of the Sherbrooke International program, selected Sherbrooke businesses have received direct support for their development outside Québec. Sherbrooke International is proud to encourage and support Sherbrooke businesses to shine internationally. After each of these significant projects, participants are invited to share their experiences through a blog post.

Marc-Olivier Sylvain, production manager, Benoit Longpré, sales and marketing manager, and Stéphanie Gauthier, human resources manager, participated in Coverings in Orlando, Florida in April 2019. They speak about their experience:

Défi Polyteck has had a ceramic cutting and assembly department since 2014. The company supports its customers – importers, distributors, and tiling contractors – by performing custom cutting, mosaic assembly, repairs on outdated products, and in some cases, giving old products a second life by repurposing them into new ones.

Défi Polyteck creates real added value for its customers. In addition to having access to timely service and high-quality products, our customers significantly reduce the costs incurred by listing a wide range of models. We provide them with “just-in-time” service, thus enabling substantial savings in warehousing space while offering a wider range of products.

Through Sherbrooke Innopole’s Sherbrooke International program, Défi Polyteck received financial assistance to participate in the Coverings trade show, held April 9 to 12, 2019. Coverings is an important event in the ceramics market, with more than 1100 exhibitors from around the world.

We had the opportunity to meet with several potential customers as well as potential suppliers regarding the acquisition of new equipment, and used this opportunity to strengthen our relationships with current clients who were also at the show. Our mission was to create links to foster international development, particularly in the United States.

New clients ahead

Our presence and solicitation efforts at Coverings yielded relationships with ten new businesses based in the United States and Ontario, some of which have already requested quotes. At the same time, we picked up our first tiles in New York for Quality Stone, a new client recruited at Coverings.

Défi Polyteck

With help from Sherbrooke Innopole, who turned Défi Polyteck into an international ambassador in 2019, we are convinced that our mission will enable us to increase our sales and improve our equipment and manufacturing processes.


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