8 January 2016

The Works of a Sherbrooke Researcher Among the Top 10 Research Impact Stories of 2015

A new treatment strategy for prostate cancer—the discovery made by the team led by Dr. Robert Day, research professor at the Université de Sherbrooke and the  (CRCHUS – Research Centre)—is among the Canadian Cancer Society’s Top 10Research Impact Stories of 2015.


The Sherbrooke research project was the first to validate the concept that blocking the PACE-4 protein can stop the progression of prostate cancer in mice.

Anti-PACE4 treatment has killed prostate cancer cells and led to a 60% tumour reduction.

Findings from the study were published in February 2015 in the scientific journal Oncotarget.

Dr. Day and his team continue their work in collaboration with the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) with the aim of conducting a study within a clinical setting, and then potentially marketing their product.

Source: Canadian Cancer Society



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