14 April 2016

Wiptec Starts a $7.5M Expansion Project

WIPTEC pick, pack & ship is currently expanding its order fulfilment centre on Industriel Boulevard to meet the increasing demand from its B2B and B2C clientele.

With this $7.5M expansion, the Sherbrooke company will add 80 000 sq. ft. to its LEED facilities in the Regional Industrial Park, which previously covered an area of 350 000 sq. ft.

Wiptec expansion

The new section, to be operational in August 2016, will be ultramodern and functional,” noted WIPTEC President & CEO Martin Ball. “The building will have a 40-ft. clearance, automatic lighting, narrow rows, a pick tower, a conveyor belt network, and an automated sorting system, as well as a number of wire-guided forklifts.

In the long term, between 40 and 50 new jobs are expected to be created, according to Mr. Ball. Wiptec currently employs 120 people—and up to 200 in peak periods.

Founded in 2002, WIPTEC has seen growth in its customer base and in the volume of orders to be processed, specifically linked to a rise in online sales.

WIPTEC is an expert in order fulfilment (Pick-Pack-Ship) in the B2B (big-box stores or boutiques) and B2C (E-commerce) sectors. It also operates a 150 000 sq. ft. order fulfilment centre in Montréal.

Source and photo credit: Wiptec

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