18 March 2017

The Université de Sherbrooke Is Granted $580 407 for High-level Research

Five large-scale Sherbrooke University researchers will benefit from $580 407 in support, to enable them to acquire the highly specialized equipment required to carry out research in the fields of rehabilitation, civil engineering, mechanical engineering as well as electrical and computer engineering.

The funding is provided by the  John R. Evans Leaders Fund of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, which helps universities attract and retain the best researchers in the world by procuring them the tools required to stay at the cutting edge.

Study of neural and biomechanical mechanisms of interlimb coordination during walking  

Professor Hélène Corriveau (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation), in collaboration with Professor Marie-Hélène Milot – $149 141.

The general objective of the research is to better understand how the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems interact to coordinate all four limbs during walking and how we can use this new knowledge to optimize rehabilitation treatments for pathologies and normal ageing.


Infrastructure for the characterization of dynamic and non-saturated geotechnical properties

Professor Mourad Karray (Civil Engineering), in collaboration with Professor Mathieu Nuth – $155 370.

These research and development activities pertain to soil dynamics. These studies can lead to a better assessment of the dynamic response of earthworks (dykes and dams), retaining walls, natural slopes, etc.



Research laboratory for the development of reciprocating engines

Professor Mathieu Picard (Mechanical Engineering) – $93 015

The proposed research seeks to remove oil from the hot section of piston engines to significantly reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.



Sensors and calculators in mechanical devices

Professor Julien Sylvestre (Mechanical Engineering) – $79 653

The funded infrastructure will facilitate studies on a new way of building computing devices that will combine the functions of a sensor and a computer in a single device.



Platforms (mobile and laboratory) for research on electric vehicles and advanced hybrid vehicles

Professor João Pedro Trovão (Electrical and Computer Engineering) – $103 228

The sum will make it possible to build infrastructure for transportation electrification as well as energy storage and conversion that will be capable of supporting a research program in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Source: Université de Sherbrooke
Photo credits: Université de Sherbrooke

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