19 February 2013

Université de Sherbrooke accounts for two of 10 discoveries of the year according to Québec Science


Two breakthroughs achieved at Université de Sherbrooke appear among the top ten discoveries of 2012 according to Québec Science : a new hydrogen engine and a discovery about introns that is shaking up molecular biology.

A cheer for clean engines!

Jean-Sébastien Plante, professor in the mechanical engineering department of Université de Sherbrooke, with two of his students, Mathieu Picard et David Rancourt, have effectively reinvented the engine! Their hydrogen powered engine is small and powerful while being less polluting.

«We have succeeded in fabricating a very powerful reaction turbine with only one moving part, summarizes the professor.  Moreover, it burns hydrogen and does not produce polluted emissions»

This innovation is well on its way to revolutionize transportation!

» Read the article in Québec Science

DNA that is « not so useless » after all!

Introns « useless DNA », have long suffered neglect in genetic research… until  a team headed by Sherif Abou Elela, Scientific Director of the Labo­ra­toire de génomique fonc­­tion­­nel­le de l’Université de Sherbrooke (LGFUS – Sherbrooke University’s functional genomics laboratory), discovered their essential role in the adaptation and evolution of living beings.

» Read the article in Québec Science


Source : Québec Science


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