24 August 2014

UdeS Students Present E2Metrix’s Solutions in Dubai

E2 Metrix logoSix engineering students from the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) recently participated in a trade mission in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to present E2Metrix’s innovative technology.

The Sherbrooke company has developed an efficient industrial, municipal, and domestic wastewater treatment system that doesn’t use chemicals. The reactor, called ECOTHOR, uses electrocoagulation – i.e. a continuous electric current is applied – to eliminate all types of microorganisms and pollutants.


From August 19 to September 1, 2014, the UdeS students, who were part of a Mission commerciale ingénierie Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke engineering trade mission) group, met with potential business partners and clients to develop this promising market.

Dubai is growing at a rapid rate, which is causing enormous pressure on natural resources. “Water is a very limited resource in this country; producing freshwater (safe for human consumption) is very energy intensive. To do so, seawater desalination plants must be built. This presents significant costs in addition to those associated with transporting the water. The E2Metrix reactors will allow wastewater to be reused without production and transportation costs while avoiding releasing dirty water into the environment,” explained one of the mission participants, Olivier Béland.

The UdeS delegation gave a talk at the American University in Dubai, in addition to meeting with the Canadian embassy.

Mission commerciale ingénierie Sherbrooke gives Québec companies the opportunity to connect on an international level through engineering students.

Sources: Université de Sherbrooke and Écotech Québec
Photo credit: François Lafrance

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