10 July 2016

Thymox Hoof Approved as a Veterinary Drug in Canada

One of Laboratoire M2’s key products, Thymox Hoof™, has just been approved by Health Canada as a veterinary drug against digital dermatitis, a common infection among dairy cattle.thymoxhoof

This breakthrough offers farmers a biodegradable alternative to the chemical footbaths that they have used to date, which are often hard to handle, toxic, carcinogenic, and polluting.

Digital dermatitis is a highly infectious disease that causes cows to develop hoof lesions. These lesions cause lameness and decrease the milk production of herds.

Thymox Hoof™’s effectiveness lies in the bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity of thymol, a natural, active ingredient in thyme. The product developed by Laboratoire M2 also has the added benefit of diluting easily in water.

Thymox Hoof™ (DIN 02453479) is available at the Centre de distribution des médicaments vétérinaires, for distribution to Canadian veterinary clinics in a footbath formula.

Source : Laboratoire M2

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