24 May 2012

The Research Centre on Aging and Université de Sherbrooke: partners in Canada’s most important study on aging

Advantageously positioned in the field of research on aging in Québec, the Eastern Townships region participates, through theResearch Centre on Aging (CDRV) and the Université de Sherbrooke, in the largest study ever conducted in Canada on the phenomenon.

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging will follow 50,000 Canadians, ranging from 45 to 85 years of age, over a period of at least 20 years. Of these, 20,000 will answer a telephone interview once every three years, while 30,000 will visit, at the same frequency, one of the 11 sites for data collection in the country, including the Research Centre on Aging of the Health and Social Services Centre – University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke (CSSS-IUGS), located at D’Youville Hospital and Residential Centre in Sherbrooke.

The population of the Eastern Townships invited to participate

In the Eastern Townships, within 50 km of Sherbrooke, a group of 3,000 participants will be formed.

Residents of the Eastern Townships are invited to participate in this important study that aims to collect information on the biological, medical, psychological, social and economic changes that occur with aging.
Potential participants will be contacted by Léger Marketing. Potential participants will then receive an information kit and a visit from a member of the scientific team. Participants will be required to visit the data collection site of Research Centre on Aging once every three years.

The data collection site of Research Centre on Aging, the only one outside major metropolitan centers, benefits from an investment of $1.1 million to put the necessary infrastructure in place. The study has already helped create 25 skilled positions in research.

160 university researchers

Partner in this study, Université de Sherbrooke joins the 26 participating universities from across Canada. More than 160 researchers will pool their efforts to improve the health and well-being of Canadians as well as their health care services.

Nutrition specialist, professor and researcher, Hélène Payette, affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Université de Sherbrooke, is responsible for Sherbrooke’s data collection site and leading the National Working Group of the study on health and lifestyles.

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging is a strategic initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Source : Université de Sherbrooke

Photo credit : Michel Caron, Université de Sherbrooke

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