23 April 2017

Technoguide Métal is Expanding in Sherbrooke

PRESS RELEASE – The wrought metal manufacturing company Technoguide Métal is rapidly outgrowing the capacity of its current premises and is preparing to begin the construction of its new plant in the Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park, increasing its surface area nearly five-fold.

The expansion project will generate investments of $1.730M and will help create five to seven new jobs and consolidate six other jobs over the next year. The new plant of almost 20 000 square feet will be built on the new Portland Boulevard extension. Technoguide Métal is planning to relocate there by fall 2017.

“We have been experiencing sustained growth for several months already, with the signing of major contracts. We have no choice but to expand, and will take this opportunity to strengthen our presence in Sherbrooke by owning our own land and facilities. We will also expand our equipment inventory with purchases totalling up to $100 000,” noted Patrick Brunelle, CEO and joint shareholder of Technoguide Métal with Jimmy Hall. In the wake of this project, the two promoters plan to double the size of their workforce in the short term.

Technoguide Métal works in the design, manufacturing, and installation of custom-built metal structures and components (handrails, stairs, etc.) for industrial, commercial, and residential projects, mainly in the Estrie region. Its team’s most notable accomplishments include the architectural elements at OMG Resto, aboard the Grand Cru cruise boat, at the Espace 4 Saisons hotel resort, at Hotel William Gray in Montréal, and at La Fabrique à Boire in the Quartier Dix30 complex.

The company received support from Sherbrooke Innopole throughout the relocation process. “It’s always very encouraging to see a company that sets up operations in Sherbrooke thrive so quickly. We are pleased to assist Technoguide Métal in undertaking its expansion projects, which contribute to the economic vibrancy of our region,” pointed out Josée Fortin, Director General at Sherbrooke Innopole.

Technoguide Métal is currently located on Rodolphe-Racine Street, close to Highway 10/55 in the St-Élie area. Founded 15 years ago, Technoguide Métal has been based in Sherbrooke for 10 years, including four on Rodolphe-Racine Street.

Sources: Technoguide Métal and Sherbrooke Innopole
Photo credits:  Architech Design

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