30 October 2016

Successful Kickstarter Campaign for Construction Company Art du Chanvre

The Sherbrooke company Art du chanvre (Hemp Art), working in construction and design, has exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $25 000 on the Kickstarter website, raising $27 920 from 224 contributors.

With the money raised, the company led by Anthony Néron will develop an automated press to scale up the production of its hempcrete blocks that are used to build and insulate floors, exterior walls, and partitions.

Art du chanvre - Anthony Néron

The pre-molded shape and pre-dried nature of hempcrete shorten the building process, using the well-known and easy technique of building a brick wall.

Hemp is an eco-material with beneficial properties, such as regulating temperature in both summer and winter, and managing moisture. Hemp cultivation is also an excellent way to capture CO2.

Since 2009, Art du chanvre and its founder have participated in the construction of some 30 houses, as well as in some 100 restoration and renovation projects.

Source and photo credits: Art du chanvre

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