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30 May 2019

Studio Pyxis setting up shop in Sherbrooke

PRESS RELEASE – Studio Pyxis will open a new software development centre in Sherbrooke, at 400 Marquette Street, Suite 230. The considerable liveliness of the IT market in the Eastern Townships and the existence of a large pool of skilled labour are among the main factors behind this installation.

The new team already has two experienced developers, and they are looking for more colleagues to help them out. The business is asking both experts from the area as well as less experienced developers to consult the careers section of their website Jean-Michel Gingras, developer at Pyxis, stated: “Pyxis Studio allows us the opportunity to express our know-how and use our collaborative values to the benefit of our clients.”

In fact, Studio Pyxis has a completely different way of working. The teams work together with the client to create software solutions in a friendly and transparent way, with the objective of getting better than hoped for results. All this is happening within a context where teams can try out various practices and discuss ideas on how to perfect or to adapt them to the needs of the situation and available technologies.

Focused on the well being of its employees, Studio Pyxis offers workers a significant amount of autonomy and an unrivaled work-life balance. The 100% open and Agile environment as well as self-organization culture allows everyone to thrive in the direction they see fit.

Studio Pyxis would like to warmly thank Sherbrooke Innopole for their support in setting up our centre in Sherbrooke as well as for the networking opportunities they provide in the region.

About Studio Pyxis

Backed by 20 years of expertise, Studio Pyxis develops impeccable quality software that makes life easier. Their promise: to quickly deliver software that enchants in every way, to support it and to continually improve it to meet your changing needs.

Studio Pyxis distinguishes itself through its commitment to its team. The collaborative approach allows the company to harness the expertise of all stakeholders and to deliver high quality software products. Since its creation, the business has invested in research and experimentation with avant-garde development practices. Its mastery of Agile principles and practices, as well as focussing on the creation of true value, makes it a premier partner for any custom software project.

Source: Studio Pyxis

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