19 December 2014

Sher Auvents Enhances Its Presence and Attacks New Markets

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PRESS RELEASE – A manufacturer of awnings and canvas for almost 28 years, Sher Auvents is now broadening its expertise to conquer complementary markets under the leadership of new owners Julie Simard and Andy Gosselin. Drawing on the well-established reputation of this Sherbrooke business, the two proponents want their company to penetrate the regional market and gain recognition as an outdoor living space specialist.

Simard and Gosselin, who have been managing the business since spring 2014, have taken advantage of technical support from Pro-Gestion Estrie, which has helped them in their endeavours. They have also benefited from $20 000 in financial aid from Sherbrooke Innopole’s New Entrepreneur Fund. To date, the project has generated investments of nearly $300 000.

“Every study highlights this fact: finding up-and-coming entrepreneurs to sustain the economic vitality of our communities is a major issue. In this context, it is great to see new entrepreneurs go into business and take on the management of an iconic Sherbrooke business like Sher Auvents. We are proud to support them in their new administration and expansion of the business,” said Josée Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole.

Located at 818 Godin Road, Sher Auvents specializes in the manufacture, installation, and storage of customized, high-quality canvases, awnings, curtains, and shelters for the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.

“Outdoor living, i.e. taking full advantage of an outdoor living space, is growing in popularity, and presents an excellent opportunity for growth for Sher Auvents. We closely follow the most recent trends and new developments to offer our clients. We are developing new lines of products, such as the manufacture and sale of instant dry cushioning for our clients’ garden furniture. In time, we want to offer customized garden furniture,” explained the owners.

The recreational sector (tent trailers, boats, etc.) and the industrial cluster also present interesting development opportunities for Sher Auvents. “To meet safety standards, several businesses whose activities involve welding are required to install protective canvases or curtains. Until recently, these companies had very limited options in terms of the availability of these products in the region; production could be delayed should these items become damaged and not easily replaced. We are proud to offer our expertise in this type of product to the region,” noted Simard, General Manager of Sher Auvents. She added that the company also rents replacement canvases. Among its other products for the industrial market, Sher Auvents offers curtains for storage spaces and canvases for trucks, shelters, and air ducts.

Sher Auvents is also introducing innovations. In the field of awnings, materials and manufacturing processes have changed little in the past 30 years. “After researching and analyzing awning structures, we chose to use aluminum. It is more cost-effective because it lasts longer and costs less to maintain compared to the traditional galvanized steel. Also, to increase the thread tension in the canvas, thus maximizing its lifespan without impacting the cost to the consumer, we chose a new tensioning method that relies on insertion rather than braiding,” specified Simard.

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