21 June 2015

S.O.S. Odours Hits Major Retailers and Penetrates Europe

PRESS RELEASE – Specialized in the development, distribution, and sales of odour neutralizers, S.O.S. Odours has experienced multiple successes recently, notably with the addition of several important clients to its customer base and its plans to export its products to European countries.

Backed by a solid reputation built over the past 30 years, the company’s new president, Josée Samson, recently signed major agreements with Canadian Tire and BMR. In addition, S.O.S. Odours is currently in negotiations with a major distributor in Europe.

SOS-Odeurs_wMyriam Belisle, conseillère aux entreprises de la filière-clé des Technologies propres chez Sherbrooke Innopole, Josée Samson, présidente de S.O.S. Odeurs et Josée Fortin, directrice générale de Sherbrooke Innopole

In the context of the company’s succession and market development plans, this businesswoman has been able to rely on support and guidance from Sherbrooke Innopole, with the company having been part of the 2014 cohort at the Cleantech Rendez-vous (Rendez-vous des technologies propres). The company has also received financial assistance totaling $84 750 from Sherbrooke Innopole’s FTQ Local Investment Fund / Local Solidarity Fund (FLI/FLS) and New Entrepreneur Fund. The project funded, with a total value of close to $575 000, will enable S.O.S. Odours to consolidate its four existing jobs and to create three new ones by 2016. 

“Through its hard work and innovative approach, S.O.S. Odours has earned a spot in the big leagues. We are pleased and proud to contribute to the success of this iconic business in the Cleantech key sector, which has been a dynamic company for over 30 years and which continues to radiate through its new leadership. This company is a great model of success for our aspiring entrepreneurs,” noted Sherbrooke Innopole’s Director General, Josée Fortin.

S.O.S. Odours has a vast range of products specifically for the pet, residential, commercial, and post-disaster sectors. Pets are now considered members of the family, so it should be no surprise that this sector represents 70% of its sales figures today.

Bolstered by strong consumer support and the robust reputation of its leading products, like Uri-Clean, the company has experienced excellent growth in the past few years. S.O.S. Odours’ products may currently be found in more than 60% of Québec’s pet stores. The company also has three distributors, including Mondou, which sell to pet shops and pet grooming businesses in Québec. Its products may also be purchased directly from S.O.S. Odours’ Web site.

“Through molecular processes, S.O.S. Odours’ products eliminate the sources of odours safely and permanently, and with greater efficiency than those of its competitors. Our products are genuine odour neutralizers and not deodorants. We offer a specific solution for each persistent odour issue. S.O.S. Odours’ odour neutralizers are the result of in-depth laboratory research,” explained President Josée Samson.

S.O.S. Odours is currently targeting the Ontario market and is about to hit the European market. The company also hopes to penetrate the American market, a step that should materialize in a subsequent phase.

Located on 6650 Bourque Boulevard, S.O.S. Odours has been the Québec pioneer in odour neutralization. Its founder, Ronald Samson, started the company in 1984 under the name Samson Produits Sanitaires. In 2009, he sold the sanitary division to focus on developing the Samson Odours Speciality (S.O.S. Odours) banner. Since then, the company has been particularly concentrating its development and marketing efforts on its cutting-edge products in the pet sector, and is also interested in further developing its market in the post-disaster sector.

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