23 November 2015

Rackam is Carrying Out an Innovative Project in Greece

The partnership between Rackam and Greek company Bienter is leading to a new type of power station: the station, installed in the village of Neo Erasmio in Greece, uses a solar concentration field and a geothermal facility to provide heat and electricity.

Rackam Greece

On a single site, and operational since September 30, 2015, are:

  • A field of S20 parabolic solar concentrators covering 450 m² and using Rackam’s technology, connected to a thermal storage unit
  • A geothermal facility developed by Bienter, also connected to the same energy storage unit
  • A turbine using the principle of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to generate electricity from heat stored in the aforementioned storage unit

The thermal energy generated supplies a greenhouse and the heating system of a school. It also provides hot water to a mosque. Most of the thermal energy is, however, transformed into electricity for use by the University of Thrace, which initiated the project.

Source and photo credit: Rackam



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