29 August 2014

Rackam Completes its First Thermal Solar Project in Portugal

Rackam has just finished installing an industrial solar heating system for a Portuguese company. This is a first for the Sherbrooke company, which in 2012 completed a commercial display project in Spain.

Installed for Silampos, a stainless steel kitchen utensils manufacturer, the system uses heat captured by parabolic mirrors to preheat the wash water and air destined for cleaning metallic vats.

These mirrors are in fact the S10 parabolic trough collectors manufactured by Rackam: they concentrate rays on a target that consists of an evacuated tube, in which a thermal fluid circulates. In turn, the fluid transmits heat to the target industrial process.


The research project, called PRODUTECH PSI, was carried out thanks to the international collaboration of several stakeholders, including the consortium behind the project: Silampos; INEGI, a research centre attached to the University of Porto; A Control, a company specializing in industrial controls; and TEGOPI, a company specializing in the construction of metal structures.

Rackam also worked with Silampos in the engineering of a pump module and its integration into Silampos’ process.

Source and photo credit: Rackam



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