30 March 2018

Quebec Launches a $345M Action Plan for Entrepreneurship

PAGE entrepreneuriatThe Government of Quebec has recently unveiled the Oser entreprendre plan, in which it will inject $345.7M to foster the creation and growth of companies by 2022.

This 2017-2022 Plan d’action gouvernemental en entrepreneuriat (PAGE) includes 34 concrete actions with the following objectives:

  • Create 125 000 new businesses, i.e. an increase of 2000 a year on average, among which;
  • 3500 high-growth companies, an increase of 50 a year on average.

The actions are divided into four priorities covering all the stages for developing entrepreneurship:

  • Priority 1: Assist the entrepreneur in creating and developing the business
  • Priority 2: Acknowledge the contribution to entrepreneurship from youth, women, and diversity
  • Priority 3: Promote various forms of entrepreneurship
  • Priority 4: Ensure access to various sources of funding, from creation to transfer


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Source : Government of Quebec

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