30 July 2015

Positive Results for Pizzicato After Six Months of Activity

Press Release – Six months after the renowned restaurant Pizzicato reopened, the new owner Alexandre Côté announced positive results for his grand venture.

Sherbrooke Innopole supported the new launch of this Sherbrooke institution through a financial contribution from the New Entrepreneur Fund, accompanied by technical support from the Pro-Gestion Estrie team. Mr. Côté is also benefiting from Sherbrooke Innopole’s business mentoring program.

Photo-Pizzicato-Sherbrooke-Innopole-585Josée Fortin, Sherbrooke Innopole General Director, Alexandre Côté, Pizzicato Owner, and Johanne Thibault, Pro-Gestion Estrie Management Advisor

Pizzicato has been dear to the hearts of Sherbrooke residents for more than 20 years and is now enjoying new life thanks to the initiative of this dynamic young entrepreneur. Alexandre Côté has been working hard since last January to please the palates of enthusiasts of fine pizza, pasta, salad, and other Mediterranean classics. The desserts are now made in house and feature sorbets, crèmes brûlées, and tiramisus that you won’t want to miss. Among the new summer additions are a 40-seat terrace and homemade Italian-style sodas. In addition, the Pizzicato team will participate in the Bouffe ton centro street festival next weekend.

Managing such an establishment is a significant challenge that Mr. Côté meets by drawing on several strengths. The decision to allow customers to bring their own wine has been advantageous in the current economic context. A focus on quality in the kitchen is also an aspect directly related to customer satisfaction, according to Mr. Côté. The new menu, a wide variety of local ingredients, home recipes, a friendly atmosphere, and competitive prices are also among Pizzicato’s strengths.

“We are very pleased to welcome so many long-time customers as well as curious newcomers,” said the owner. “Our patrons like the restaurant and make a habit of returning, which is very encouraging.”

“It is a source of pride for Sherbrooke Innopole to contribute to the success of a project through a combination of financial support and the help of a mentor,” said Josée Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole. “These are two complementary services that enhance the chances of success. Mr. Côté is bringing together the winning conditions for accomplishing his dream.”

Pizzicato opened in 1994 on King West. In 2009, fire destroyed the building where the restaurant was located. In 2011, the previous owner reopened in a new renovated location in the Grandes-Fourches building before having to close in 2014. Alexandre Côté is now sole proprietor of Pizzicato, which employs 14 people.

Source :  Pizzicato and Sherbrooke Innopole

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