6 May 2018

Pilotless Aircraft for Organ Transport Project

Three Sherbrooke companies are working on what could become the first vertical take-off electrical aircraft, a double technical feat.

NGC Aerospace, Optis Ingénierie, and the Advanced Technology Centre (CTA) BRP-UdeS are taking part in the project with Brio Innovation and Zénith Altitude, which is steering the consortium.

EOPA - Electrical Optionally Piloted Aircraft NGC Aerospace

The EOPA aircraft, or “Electrically-Powered Optionally-Piloted Powered-Lift Aircraft,” was ordered by the American company Lung Biotechnology, with the aim of using it for organ transport.

The conceptual stage of the project showed that the transition between vertical and horizontal flight at take-off and landing can be controlled by software developed by NGC. This was also the first time that an electrically propelled plane was able to fly several hundred kilometres with a 600-lb cargo.

NGC is in charge of the aircraft’s navigation, guidance, autonomous control, and collision detection and avoidance systems. The CTA is working on the electrical propulsion system, while Optis Ingénierie is in charge of optimizing the aircraft’s shape.

The EOPA aircraft should be able to fly sometime in 2024-2025.

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Source : La Tribune, CTA and Optis



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