14 June 2011

Now in Estrie, the ANGES QUÉBEC Investment Network Continues to Expand

Sherbrooke, Thursday, June 9, 2011  Anges Québec, Québec’s biggest network of angel investors, with over 80 members to date, is proud to announce the launch of its third investment group, in Sherbrooke. This group joins that of Montréal, launched in 2009, and the Quebec City group, which has been in operation since 2010. This expansion shows that Anges Québec sees the economic potential of this major region of the province. Some twenty private investors in the Estrie area have already expressed interest in joining the group, which will be holding its first meeting today.

Mr. Bernard Sévigny, Mayor of Sherbrooke, Ms. Manon Laporte, Sherbrooke Innopole’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mike Cegelski, Anges Québec’s Chairman of the Board, Ms. Nathalie Ouellet, Financial Advisor at Sherbrooke Innopole, Mr. François Gilbert, Anges Québec’s CEO


The membership selection process confirms that the region counts a large number of experienced entrepreneurs who help promote and finance business start-up and growth. Anges Québec members are responsible for their own investment decisions and become involved in business projects based on their individual criteria and objectives. The angel investor’s role is not generally limited to financial investment, and could include coaching, representation on the board of directors, promoting the project within their business network or helping the company develop business strategies. The formation of the Sherbrooke group was made possible through close collaboration with Sherbrooke Innopole and Desjardins Venture Capital. The group aims to attract thirty investor members within its first year.

“It’s quite an honour for Sherbrooke to be chosen for the first Anges Québec group in the region,” Manon Laporte, President of Sherbrooke Innopole, was proud to report. “This announcement falls in line with one of the components of the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan put forward by Sherbrooke Innopole General Manager, Pierre Bélanger, and underscores our priority to stimulate an environment favourable to business growth. The Estrie region Anges Québec group will provide the right conditions to encourage investment in technological innovations.”

At the press conference, Sherbrooke Mayor Bernard Sévigny, expressed his satisfaction with the launch of the investment group in these terms, “The Anges Québec network, via its financial investments, expertise, contacts and know-how, will most certainly help support local companies and promote technological innovation.”

Anges Québec looks for innovative companies targeting global markets or major national markets in such varied sectors as industrial and manufacturing, information technologies, communications, imagery and the media, materials, energy and the environment as well as medical equipment. Entrepreneurs in the greater Estrie region in particular are encouraged to submit their proposal to the selection committee on the Anges Québec website at

“We strongly support innovation, which we see as a vital competitive edge in today’s society. Angel investors provide innovative companies with venture capital at key development and growth stages, where conventional financial institutions can be more hesitant. At the same time, these promising enterprises benefit from our expertise and the vast business network of our members,” said François Gilbert, President and CEO of Anges Québec.

Anges Québec is a network of private investors that identifies, finances and coaches innovative Québec enterprises with high growth potential. Anges Québec members invest their capital and expertise in the most promising start-up companies. In this capacity, Anges Québec works closely with a number of Québec leaders in the development and growth of technological innovations.

To keep track of news and activities, join Anges Québec on


Sherbrooke Innopole, along with the Local Development Centre (CLD) of the Sherbrooke MRC, ensure innovative, harmonious and dynamic economic growthby promoting the development of companies created from Sherbrooke ingenuity and research, as well as supporting the growth of existing propulsive service and manufacturing companies.

Mobilization and consultation within the community are priorities for Sherbrooke Innopole, which has already developed partnerships and gained high-level recognition from major economic development stakeholders. Sherbrooke Innopole has integrated a vision focused on sustainable development and relies on its five key sectors to make of Sherbrooke the City of Innovation for the province of Quebec and Canada.

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