20 April 2015

New, Larger Premises for G.O.T & E in Sherbrooke

PRESS RELEASE – To continue growing, only three years after opening a location in Sherbrooke, the international company G.O.T & E has built new, more spacious premises, which it moved into in February.

G.O.T. & EPhoto credit : G.O.T & E

The company, specializing in designing and tuning molds for the automotive industry, felt cramped in its premises on Rodolphe-Racine Street. The new 8000 sq. ft. building on Léger Street has enabled G.O.T & E to optimize its work space and upgrade its equipment, with the addition of a CNC cutting machine.

“Our new facilities offer many advantages. In addition to its modern design, the extra space is conducive to better production floor management, and its location provides easy access to highways. In building the facilities, we took a major step towards autonomy, becoming owners of our own premises,” said Marcin Kwiatkowski, General Manager of the Sherbrooke division.

G.O.T & E invested more than $800 000 into setting up its new facility in Sherbrooke. The expansion project enabled it to consolidate the seven existing full-time positions, in addition to creating a new position. The company was able to count on the support of Sherbrooke Innopole in its search for industrial land.

The product of a joint venture between a French company and another Chinese company, G.O.T & E has more than 700 employees spread across its offices in China, Poland, Germany, and Canada. The group’s only Canadian division is located in Sherbrooke and serves the entire North American market. The Estrie region is known for its ACCORD cluster for excellence in elastomers and transport equipment, the expertise developed in this domain, and the presence of major clients, all of which encouraged G.O.T & E to settle in Sherbrooke.

“It was already good news to see a large international company like G.O.T & E open a facility in Sherbrooke in 2012, and it is very encouraging to see it invest in new premises and establish deeper roots here. The expansion project is a sign that the company has prospered in this setting. We cannot but be delighted and proud to support it in this new stage of its development,” said Josée Fortin, Director General at Sherbrooke Innopole.

Founded in 2008, the Chinese company G.O.T & E specializes in designing, manufacturing, and tuning injection molds for plastic and rubber parts for sealing systems manufacturers in the automotive industry. The company has made a name for itself through its cutting-edge products and competitive prices.

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