19 June 2015

New Collaboration Agreements for Cyclenium Pharma

Cyclenium Pharma, an emerging pharmaceutical company specialized in researching and developing innovative drugs using patented macrocyclic molecules, has announced the establishment of several collaboration agreements.

This Sherbrooke-based company has signed agreements with Haplogen GmbH in Austria, Fundacion MEDINA in Spain, Astellas Pharma in Ontario, and McGill University in Montréal.

These organizations will share their expertise with Cyclenium Pharma to contribute to the discovery of new drugs.

Haplogen GmbH is a private biotechnology company specifically specializing in combatting infectious diseases.

Fundacion MEDINA is a non-profit research organization that develops drug discovery programs in infectious diseases, oncology, and rare diseases.

Astellas Pharma, of Japanese origin, is a world leader in the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals. It was Cyclenium Pharma’s first major pharmaceutical partner.

McGill University has impressed Cyclenium Pharma’s team with the quality and nature of its work. “With leading researchers of international calibre, we will have an excellent opportunity to greatly increase the chances of discovering and developing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic agents targeting serious diseases that are difficult to treat,” stated Helmut Thomas, PhD, President and CEO at Cyclenium.

Source : Cyclenium Pharma

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