11 June 2017

Multinational FSM Expands its Sherbrooke Facilities

PRESS RELEASE – FSM Canada Company Ltd., working in the design and manufacture of automotive sealing moulds, will invest nearly $950 000 in its Regional Industrial Park expansion. Only two years after its construction, the factory section of the building on Léger Street will be enlarged by 6 000 ft2.

In addition to the expansion that requires an investment of $500 000 million, FSM will inject $450 000 to procure itself new CNC digitally-controlled equipment. This expansion will cement the six current positions and create five new ones, three of which have already been filled. The new jobs are for a mould adjuster, a CNC operator for new equipment, and other skilled tradespeople.

FSM recently renewed its contracts with several automobile manufacturers, for the body structure of new models. With major clients such as Tesla, GM, and Ford, FSM continues to make a name for itself on the international stage.

“We have to give ourselves the means to our success”, declared Marcin Kwiatkowski, General Manager of FSM’s Canadian branch. “This expansion, with the installation of new automated equipment and an even stronger team, will enable us to better meet our clients’ needs.” The building’s frame is completed and construction continues so that the team can move into the new facility by the end of June.

Founded in 2008 under the name of G.O.T. & E., the company now known as the FSM Canada Company, established itself in Sherbrooke in 2012 and acquired new premises in 2015. It’s the only Canadian division of the group and it serves the entire North American market.

“It was good news when this international company decided to set up in Sherbrooke, five years ago already. We’ve been fortunate in having been able to follow its evolution over the years,” said Josée Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole. “With its expansion this year, there’s no doubt that FSM is continuing to grow in Canada, and we are very proud that they are doing it here.”

FSM Canada Company specializes in the design, manufacture, and tuning of injection moulds for plastic and rubber parts for sealing systems in the automotive industry. The company has made a name for itself through its cutting-edge technologies and its competitive prices.

*Update: FSM facilities are now operational 

Photo credits: FSM

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