20 November 2016

M.I. Integration Opens 2nd Plant in Mexico

M.I. Moldes

M.I. Integration continues to grow with the opening of a second plant in Mexico, M.I. Moldes. This business decision was based on growth in the automobile industry and the success of recent agreements with major carmakers.

The new facility will complement the offering of the group SLP M.I. Integración, based on its Sherbrooke business model: M.I. Moldes is a service centre that specializes in manufacturing moulds and making adjustments, while SLP specializes in the thermoplastic injection of parts.

M.I. Integration has two plants in Sherbrooke’s Regional Industrial Park: Moules Industriels (mould maker), and Plastech (injection).

The two SLP M.I. Integración plants are located in the industrial sector of San Luis Potosí. GM has already set up shop there, and Ford and BMW are planning to follow suit by the end of 2018, noted Vincent Houle, VP Strategy & Client Relations.

2016 marks the sixth year of SLP’s operations in Mexico, with a 32% increase in sales.

Source: M.I. Integration


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